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Veronica H. Katy, TX

Thank you Crystal and Greg for helping me go through and organize my household items. You really made it easy to decide whether or not I needed to keep it or get rid of it. You were so patient and I truly appreciate your help.

Shirley R. Katy, TX

After my husband passed and I found myself with a house that had become a combination office, library and crowded living space, as well as a garage full of tools, boxes and a lot of storage items, I knew I needed help getting it all straightened out. Greg & Crystal helped me turn my house into a safe and comfortable home, with a garage that is not only organized and accessible but now also holds my car. If I ever need to downsize in the future I would definitely call on them both.

Amanda A. Cinco Ranch, TX

I'm a working professional and a mother of two so my time is at a premium. My walk-in closet had become so cluttered I was wasting far too much time each morning searching for the items I needed. Lone Star Transitions was able to help me sort out and donate more than 100 clothing items I no longer needed (or wanted), and they organized the remaining items so now I never have a problem locating anything. The tips they provided help me to stay organized so I find I have much more time to get ready in the morning and am less stressed out trying to find things. I am very satisfied with the results.